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Skrevet av Kristine Vikse den 2. May 2012 8:28

In 2004 a local group of medical personal and voluenteer workers in our hometown Haugesund started a project in Sierra Leone. The purpose is to build a hospital and send medical supplies to the hard-hit area in the war-torn country.

In Sierra Leone it is fatal to give birth and fatal to be born because of the extremelypoor conditions at the local hospitals.
Thanks, be a project Haugesund-Rotifunk this has been better for a group of people. Midwives from Haugesund has gone down to Sierra Leone and worked for betterconditions and teaching local midwives.
During one of these visits, we sent some  MeMini items that we had left over for the newborn in the hospital to keep them warm and clean. It warms to see them on these cuties… and to know we could help.

If you want to  learn  more about and support the project, check out the website:

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